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  Hope and Love Television Episodes

        In the videos below, you'll find interviews with Fr. Matthew Spencer OSJ, from Relevant Radio's, 'St. Joseph's Workshop,' as he speaks of his own vocation to the priesthood and the Joy in a Christ centered life. 

        Hear Fr. Robert Spitzer SJ, host of Fr. Spitzer's Universe on EWTN, enlighten us on the relationship between Faith and Reason and Science and introduce us to his Credible Catholic website.

        Fr. Steve Avella, Professor of History at Marquette University shares with us many insights on church history and you'll enjoy hearing from Sr. Libby Fernandez, RSM, long involved with helping the poor and now leading the Mercy Pedalers outreach to the homeless, to mention just a few of the talks in over 65 interviews with priests, religious and laity, sharing the joy in living out their faith. We hope you will be encouraged and inspired in your own faith journey by their witness!

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